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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday 25 February, 2009

Prophet: Read from Why does Popcorn Pop? & worked on Lesson 2 of MUS Delta. He learned that Europeans like dark chocolate while Americans prefer milk chocolate. Mom prefers dark chocolate (they think it's because I was born in Europe) and they like milk chocolate.
Peacemaker: Worked on Lesson 5 from MUS Beta.
Warrior: Had Reading & Writing lesson with TOPGTR, flashcards, and white board.

The boys were observing the aquarium. We have just a few tadpoles left. But, the most interesting thing now is the snails. They were minuscule almost microscopic. Now they are huge. They realized the snail shells keep getting bigger and they must make their shells. So, we did some online research of that.

Here is Prophets book review:

Why Does Popcorn Pop Why Does Popcorn Pop by Don Voorhees

My review

I like the book. I like it because it tells me foods that I like. I like food a lot. It tells me what's the best chocolate to eat and how they make it.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Learning to Read

Here is Warrior learning to read. It started with just reading instruction, but he is very interested in writing, as well. Our older two attended public K and half of Grade 1. So, I have yet to enjoy reading and phonics instruction. Peacemaker really struggled with reading, so I figured I wouldn't even start with Warrior till maybe next year. Too my surprise he is interested and doing well. We are following The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading. We use premade flashcards and he writes the letters on the white board, as well. I'm really going to use the white board and chalkboard more in our homeschooling. I can just take pictures and blog instead of trying to figure out what to do with all that paper. And, then he drew me a person and had me label the parts he called out.

Here are some of the curriculum we are using with him. This day we did get too far along in Singapore for his understanding. But, he does enjoy counting the pictures and writing his numbers on the whiteboard. I'm thinking about slowly introducing MUS Alpha to him (what we have used with his brothers), but I don't know how ready he is for that either. I think for now we will keep on counting and playing with our Pattern Blocks.

And, last of all a mozzarella string cheese stick for a snack. Because learning is hard work for boys.

Peacemaker Book Making

Peacemaker loves to make books. Here is his latest. (Sorry if pics are blurry, he took them. I had to show him how to hold the button down halfway to focus the shot. Honestly it took me a week before my husband had to show me to do the same thing.)

The book title is Attack of the Cat. It's a common theme around here as we happen to have a cat who is tiny, swift, brave, and sneaky.

August stalking something outside.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday February 16, 2009

The boys have being doing pretty well. It's a big adjustment to start doing more schoolwork around here. But, honestly they seem happier when they have regular schoolwork and routine. They are kinder to each other, too. Their imaginations actually work better. I often wonder if it's a boy thing. Boys need to move and get going.

The Prophet and the Peacemaker have both been finishing at least one lesson per week. I was finally able to get Prophet MUS Delta. I got it used and it cost me half the price since I didn't have to pay taxes and shipping on it. I actually would prefer to buy it new because I love MUS and want to support them. But, last month we barely had food to eat. God provides though and we all have food and the bills are paid for this month.

Warrior is working on some basic counting skills. We played with the Pattern blocks and Pattern Blocks Animals workbook. Pattern blocks are really fun and so useful. Every kid that visits likes them. He did some work in Singapore 1a with me, as well. We just used the textbook and he wrote the numbers on a whiteboard. I am amazed at how he wanted to work on it and would erase to fix the numbers.

We are going to actually finish Story of the World 1. Last year, we did up to chapter 11 in the activity guide and student pages. We finished the rest of the year by just listening to he DVD's, discussing them, reading a few more library books etc. We were so busy with the program we belonged to. So, I thought it wouldn't hurt to go through again. Nothing sticked with Peacemaker it seems, so I think it's a good idea. I had hoped Warrior might be interested in sitting with us, but alas it is too boring for him. I'm hoping it will be interesting in September when we start Story of the World 2.

This week will be starting Chapter 14 about Israel. Prophet starting reading National Geographic's Countries of the World:Israel. I'm going to encourage him to post his progress and reviews on Goodreads. I even wrote it down in my teacher's planner. I think it will be a nice change of pace for him. He will, also, do the SOTW student pages and about 4 sentences of written narrations for each SOTW section. I know it isn't much for his age and grade level. But, he just isn't ready yet for more (see below).

Peacemaker is listening to me read aloud SOTW. He gives me an oral narration. I write it down and he copies it. It really is helping with his retention.

Language Arts
Prophet is working through Writing Strands 3. We are compromising. He is writing for me. I am allowing him to write on amusing and non-conventional subjects such as video games and bodily functions. He is finishing up Italics C and has actually hit cursive. Yeah. It's only taken a year and half. He is on day 14 of Apples daily spelling drills. He hated this book last year, so I gave up on it. I decided to try again this month. It's not so bad now. It's been good because he didn't know when a lot of holidays were. He had to get the calendar out and look those up. I always mean to do calendar stuff with them, but never get to it...oops. I figure if I can get him doing enough writing through these workbooks and history narrations he will be more comfortable. I need him to be comfortable with his writing skills and penmanship so he can finally start Grammar this upcoming September. I think I have it whittled down to Winston Grammar for him.

Peacemaker is working on Italics B, Explode the Code 2, and First Language Lessons 1. He is whizzing through FLL and on lesson 12. I'm having him do copywork on definitions and probably will skip narration work. He has always done well with narrations and he is already doing them for History. He really struggled with reading. He went to public school for K and half of 1st. He seemed to be fine in K and had an awesome teacher. But, his 1st grade teacher was a horrible fit for him. I'm not sure he did anything but be worried and cry for 1st grade. So, it's really take him this long to get reading down. I think I'll keep him in the Explode the Code books. He is doing well with Level 2 and I think it's a good phonics reminder for him. Of what I can't in entirely figure out what he learned.

Warrior is working on the Ordinary Parents Guide to teaching reading. I like it so much better than Phonics Pathways. So, much I need to remember to sell that book. We are using flashcards we already have and our fridge magnets. We have those talking ones and I only gave him the ones he knows. That way he can play with them while we are in the kitchen. The boy has always been a music lover. So, anything with rhythm hooks him.

We are just finishing up chapter 5 on Earth in Apologia Astronomy. We aren't doing much more than reading because I haven't had the energy. We are reading Answers in Genesis magazine on alternating days. We do a lot of nature walks and canoe rides and live on 5 acres.

This last few weeks we have seen a huge sea lion (it sort of chased my husband and Peacemaker in the canoe), found a den site and two otters, a starfish, hermit crabs and snails, baby mussels, and two bald eagles. One of the eagles was at the beach. But, the other is one that flys by our house every morning. Yesterday it landed out at the edge of the pond and played in the water. It was amazing. I wish we had a zoom lens on our digital camera.

Other stuff...like being social and part of a community
Today the boys did a bit of schoolwork and then helped out my Grandma and mom. Prophet cleaned the main entrance doors with vinegar. We live in my parents duplex (they own both sections) and we have an inside hallway that leads upstairs to them. It's nice because you don't have to go outside on a cold day. It's not so nice because the huge double doors get moldy because of the cold Washington air. Prophet is does not like to get his hands dirty, so we are really proud to have him help out like that. I think it's important for the boys to do their part.

Peacemaker went shopping with my Grandma, his Great Grandma. She is in her mid-80's now and really short. So, getting stuff off the shelves and on the belt is difficult. My mom or Aunt usually does it, but my mom realized she could send Peacemaker. He love to help at the grocery store and is well behaved. So, he earned a little extra money and got a nice bonding time. I remember going shopping with my Grandma when I was little, so it's fun to think of the two of them. He brought back some apples and caramel stuff for making caramel apples.