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I am a crunchy Christian mom to four boys and one girl ♥ We are a homeschooling Family. Our family can't stay still for long. We are always on the move. Our homeschool is inspired by The Well Trained Mind, Waldorf, and a bit of Charlotte Mason. Our lives are inspired by The Word of God, Jesus, Miracles, and sunshine when we can find it.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekly Update

I did 4 lessons of math this week.  The first lesson was comparing decimals.  I had to find out if they were bigger, smaller, or equal.  I learned about adding and subtracting decimals.  You have to line up the decimals points with each other or it doesn't work.  I filled in holes in decimals.  You may need to put a zero in to a decimal to line up the problem correctly.  I learned how to multiply with decimals.  You lined them up.  You don't need to line up the decimal points.  
In Science I learned about magnetism.  The North and South poles are magnets.  I, also, learned about electromagnets and magnetal waves around earth.  The solar waves can be deflected or go through the magnetal waves.  I did a quiz about it online.  I did a narration about what I learned, too.
I learned about Nazi Germany and Hitler's rise to power.  I learned about Spain and their civil war after world war II.  I did some notebook pages like a map and a narration for it.
In Language Lessons, I looked at a picture of India and a guy riding on an elephant and I had to answer questions about it.  I did a large story about the man riding on his elephant and his day. I copied a stanza of a poem.  
I did five pages of handwriting and they were mostly about the solar system.  

I learned about linking verbs.
I finished my book.
I made a breath analyzer.  I breathed into it after putting some chemicals into it.  
I learned about multiples, long multiplication, and multiplying numbers with zero.
My friends came over and we played capture the flag.  They are in CVA, too.

The Coyote and the Wolf first start out on a raft.  They ask the turtle to pick up the mud. They made it into a ball.  It got so big it turned into land. Then there was a cave. Animals came out of the cave.  Coyote wished for big food. 
I subtract minus two.
My mom write words with D. Then I copied them on the side of the paper.
I learned about life cycles. People die, people grow, and people are born.  Plants die and leave seeds.  Mammals are animals that feed milk to their babies.  I am a mammal.