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I am a crunchy Christian mom to four boys and one girl ♥ We are a homeschooling Family. Our family can't stay still for long. We are always on the move. Our homeschool is inspired by The Well Trained Mind, Waldorf, and a bit of Charlotte Mason. Our lives are inspired by The Word of God, Jesus, Miracles, and sunshine when we can find it.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Learning

We really should be learning all year long. We used to when we were more relaxed. Our VA program keeps us a bit on track. But, we miss our natural learning.

::We plan to have fun this summer.
::We plan to not waste away the summer on video games.
::We plan to listen to more good stuff like the The Daily Audio Bible, finish Story of the World Volume 4 on CD, Start Story of the World Volume 1 Ancients...

Today we...
::played crazy eights
::played monopoly
::listened to the Audio Bible
::listened to SOTW 4 CD 10

Friday, June 3, 2011

Planning for 2011-2012 Day 1


The Reason I have been too busy to blog.

I am starting my planning already.  I suggest a little breather.  In my dream world I would venture out to a beautiful cottage by the sea for a three day weekend.  I would take all my curriculum and my favorite cozy clothes.  I would then make gorgeous plans that would instill lasting lifetime memories for my children.

But, I need to be realistic.  We haven't the money for all that.  Goodness we haven't the time.  So, I will work on plans in between nursing sessions, cooking making, visits to the local beach, and lots of outside potty training time for our toddler.

Some places I go for planning inspiration

Rockin Granola share her weekly schedule, plenty of cute pics and always finds ways to include the little people.
Parenting Passageway   helps keep you centered and remains picture less which I find keeps me from coveting their homeschooling. Thus I remember to focus on our own journey!
A Little Garden Flower & Waldorf Essentials is a great place to get affordable waldorf curriculum and listen to wonderful podcasts.
Ancient Hearth has lots of great chalkboard drawings
Wee Waldorf  has lots of crafts
Our Journey 'Round the Mulberry bush  shares pics of Main Lesson Books and Chalkboard drawings.