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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Final Check-in for the 2009-2010 School Year

 Well here is our final check-in for the year.  We are on a break with our VA for the rest of the summer.  We will probably do some fun things around here.  We need to enjoy the son while it's here!

E-Grade 1
Building my cloud mobile was the funest thing I did.  I read books with Mom.  I liked reading with mom.  My favorite book is Little House in Prairie.  I hate Math but I do it anyway.  I'm in a different class for PE.  My swimming class is a different class, too.  I like Miss Lindsay.  She is really nice.  She doesn't yell and stuff.  Matt yells a lot, but he is kind of fun.  He lets us kids yell all time.  He is loud.  He gets in trouble from the other children cause he's so loud.  I learned about the Mississippi River.  It's long.  It's in the United States.

P-Grade 4
My favorite book was James and the Giant Peach.   I didn't really like my math this year.  I want to do Teaching Textbooks for next year.  I didn't really like my math this year because it was hard and boring.  I liked History this year.  It was really interesting and fun.  I liked learning about World History.  I liked all the map pages and notebook pages.  I liked listening to the Story of the World.  George Washington was interesting because he was the first president.  He didn't want to be president but he had to.  He was a very good president.  I like Science.  I liked when we dissected the owl pellets.  Next year, I want to use the Science in a Nutshell kits.  I like them because they have all the stuff with them.  They are fun and easy.  I want to build little machines and gears.  PE was really fun.  It was really nice joining the gym.  History and reading were my favorite subjects.  

G-Grade 7
My favorite book this year was the hobbit it was amazing in fact I,m thinking about reading it again.
My math was good this year it wasn't to hard and it wasn't to easy and I learned a lot about fractions.
I learned about photosynthesis in science like how most plants rely on it to get food.
In writing I did a ton of italics handwriting and almost got past the book and I finished the first two sections of jump in.
In spelling I did about 20 or 15 lessons.
In grammar I did 16 lessons of winston grammar and started on my new 1st language lessons for the secondary child book.
I finished the story of the world book 3 early modern times.