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I am a crunchy Christian mom to four boys and one girl ♥ We are a homeschooling Family. Our family can't stay still for long. We are always on the move. Our homeschool is inspired by The Well Trained Mind, Waldorf, and a bit of Charlotte Mason. Our lives are inspired by The Word of God, Jesus, Miracles, and sunshine when we can find it.

Friday, March 26, 2010

3rd or 4th week of March 2010

I'm looking at the calendar.  Month of March is almost gone....

Monday morning my Grandmother turns 88.  So, this weekend the boys will be busy making some cards for her.  We are just starting a study on owls which coincided nicely with the birth of Molly's babies.

Next week we will be having some fun dissecting owl pellets. I love dissecting owl pellets and I realized (while ordering science supplies this fall from Homeschool Science Supplies) they had never done it.  We have a ton of library books to read.

We broke out this really fun art spinner kit. I remember doing this type of thing as a child.  I had purchased it at Christmas time.  But, I guess it got shoved to the back of the kids closet.  They didn't seem interested in it.  This past weekend E got super duper bored and broke it out in desperation.  Needless to say, everyone had a blast.

In PE we ran the track.
In water PE, we played water polo.
I multiplied In math.
In Handwriting, I'm writing cursive.

I played bowling scooters.  I put myself on the scooter.  I pushed myself into the bowling pins.  
We read books outside in the sunshine.  We read about the five senses.  We closed our eyes and we can hear stuff louder.  We heard people and animals.  We heard birds and a frog.  

I watched owls on a live webcam this week http://www.sportsmansparadiseonline.com/Live_Owl_Nest_Box_Cam.html
At the YMCA i walked on the track in P.E. and in water P.E. I played water polo.
I did a outline of my history encyclopedia on the industrial revolution.
I did math and handwriting.

I have some pictures, but the husband keeps running away with the camera. I guess it's probably time to get my own camera or he his own camera...which ever fits.  My phone takes ok pictures...but I have some strange guilt about taking less than perfect pictures.  But, isn't a mediocre picture of our kids better than none at all.  I have some of the goofiest pictures of my childhood and they are such great little treasure. I don't need a million perfectly crafted and scrapbooked pics.  

Friday, March 12, 2010

Week 24

I actually remembered to get the boys weekly report up!  Remember it's written by children.

In climbing class I had fun i 
almost made it to the top. 
In water p.e. class we played tunnel tag.
In math Im in lesson 19 im mltuping.

I played tunnel tag and groundhog tag.  You need to put hula hoop.  You run around and be in hula hoop.  Then you need to count in the hula hoop, 5 seconds.  Then you get caught by the fox.  You need to sit by the teacher.  I got to be the fox.  There is one fox and a whole bunch of groundhogs.

I count by 2's.  2, 4, 6, 8.

We started a new book.  On the Banks of Plum Creek.  They moved out one house and got a new house.  It's built out of sod.  Grass grow on it.  They have a creek.  Laura saw a Badger.  

I entered  Two timeline entries  for history which were both about the Haiti revolution.
in writing i did pages 43 and 44 in italics.
in history i read chapters 27 to 30 of Story of the world.
at the YMCA i played tunnel tag in the water P.E.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's March

And, wow is it going crazy.  We had some snow. It didn't stick and try as I might we could not catch it on camera.  It was crazy, big, giant flakes of snow.

The boys are doing wonderful.  We have been going to the YMCA a few times a week for homeschool class and climbing classes and swimming classes and time with friends and walks around the gym.

Our little lady is trying to blow bubbles at the pool.  I didn't think a baby would do that.  I really didn't it.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Waldorf Homeschooling

I've had several people ask to see samples of A Little Garden Flower.  I just found out they are offering a sample pdf so you can see what they have to offer.