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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Picture of the week.

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my picture
of the week.
I thought
I would
start sharing a self-portrait of sorts
without having to be

end of the quarter...end of the year

Well, it's the end of the quarter for me. My photography class is over and I'm sad.
I finally know how to use my camera.
Some of us went out for dinner with our teacher.
We use her first name.
We laugh about the first day.
F-stops and Aperture.

I have two papers due in English.
I'll probably write at least 10 pages.
I can't work on them until Saturday though.

Friday I have an in class exam for Archaeology.
I think that last one I wrote at least 7 pages.
I'm insane.
I love it.

I have all my classes for the next two quarters all ready to go.
I will miss photography.

But, I will do more.
I have plans.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Larry Gonick

These are the Larry Gonick books that my 9 year old is tearing through. I mean really statistics. I cannot wait till he gets to that...I mean he cannot wait. There are some more books, but I'm confident in your abilities to look for them. And, really if you tend to censor your child's reading then you might not want to get the the book on SEX. But, otherwise they seem pretty safe so far. But, remember you are your child's Parent/Teacher and you are responsible for what you allow to pass through their ears and out the other side.

Cartoon Guide to Statistics
Cartoon Guide to Statistics

The Cartoon History of the Universe, Volumes 1-7
The Cartoon History of the Universe, Volumes 1-7

The Cartoon Guide to Chemistry
The Cartoon Guide to Chemistry

Cartoon Guide to Statistics
Cartoon Guide to Statistics

The Cartoon Guide to the Environment
The Cartoon Guide to the Environment

The American West

I hope we can keep up with our love of reading around here. My second son's teacher told me yesterday to not worry about the boys. She thinks we are wonderful role models and that when students have parents who love to learn that it's catchy. She's really sweet and I just love her to bits. I hope we get to stay here so my youngest can have her for Kindergarten, too.

We have been watching a series of DVD's on the west from PBS.

The West from PBS. There are lesson plans on the website, as well.

Cartoon History of the United States
Cartoon History of the United States

This is a very funny book. My oldest is really enjoying it. I'll try to get around posting some of his other books because they are just amazing! They are in comic book format. I know this aren't high enough literature for some, but I love books like this because they spark the interest in people and events. G will just be reading along..."Hey can we google this guy?"

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Mollie started my obsession with these little videos. I look up Vegan and found these:

Steven the Vegan I just want to note, yesterday in my Photography class we were discussing going out to eat after our final class and someone mentioned a steak house. "I'm a vegetarian."

"They have a salad bar!"
"Do you eat seafood?"

Dead animal=Had a face, Had a mom


Why are there still people who call themselves vegetarians and eat fish? I don't care if you want to eat plants, but you can't say that's all you eat and then eat fish.

Another video Making Vegan Pizza

This one made my sons really laugh. It's a bit Pythonish ya know. If you let kids watch it you might want to pull the screen over to hide the tags on the right hand side. Vegan Pig

Who doesn't like Sarah Kramer...remember that Sara Lee jingle

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Future Librarian

Future Librarian
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B&W, too. I don't think I like the contrast though. Dh wanted to know how I balanced the books on my head?

Future Librarians of America

Future Librarian
Originally uploaded by ojaimommie.
I thought and thought.
What a self-portrait really means. I finish up photography 101 and I will miss it. I feel complete. I finally know how to use my camera