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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Week 17 & 18 Updates

Well, the boys have been doing great around here.  Here are the last two weeks in their very own words.  This month is a big month of changes.  The two older ones are having birthdays.  

Our oldest is venturing into his teens.  He is emotional and hormonal.  His little sister is absolutely captivated by his voice.  Today she spent an hour with him while he read The Hobbit to her.  He was talking to her on the couch and said, "Mom she is already growing up."  It brought tears to my eyes.  

P is a bit emotional and has just rolled into the double digits.  He doesn't want us to go anywhere.  He wakes up early just to give his Dad a zombie goodbye.  Let me explain.  Whenever anyone leaves our home, P runs out and walks like a zombie as they pull out.  Then he does a cute little dance and blows you kisses goodbye.  You have to back out, so you are captive to his little dance.  

Yesterday E wrote his name in the sand.  He has struggled with speech, writing, and reading.  But, yesterday he wrote his name with no help and no prompting!  He did it again today.  I did cry, I really did cry.  

Week 18
G-Grade 7

In history I did a online quiz that was related to the liberty show.
In writing I did joins like rn rr rx in cursive.
I read The Hobbit chapters 1-6, I really like that book.
In science I read chapter 5 and out lined the important pieces.

P-Grade 4
I'm in lessen 17 in math. I'm skip counting by 7. 
We put pinto beans on paper then we taped the pinto beans to the paper then we put the paper in a jar. I will watch it grow. 
For History, I made a American flag.
I swam at the ymca.

Here he is making the First US Flag out of construction paper.  He was happy to do it.
It seems to be he thought that glue was made from horse and cow hooves.  
We now know, Elmers glue is safe for Vegetarians.

E-Grade 1
I listened to Little House on the Prairie.  Mom read it.  They moved out old house then camped at the new place.  The make a new house.  
In Math I'm doubling 3 and 3 equals 6.  
I made two little paper guys.  One is white, black, and red. He is a redcoat.  One is green and he is a minuteman.       
Another day I went swimming.  Dad throw catapulted me in the water.  I slide down on my belly and I got in trouble.  So, I needed to swim all the way across the swimming pool.  I did really well. 

Here is E.  He is following instructions from this book on Betsy Ross.  
He made a 5 point star with just one cut!  What is amazing is that he was able to follow what was written.  
I showed him once.  I can't believe how well he did.

Week 17

P-Grade 4

I am in lesson 15 in math. I multiplied numbers.  We read about the Boston Tea Party. The colonists chucked a bunch of tea over the ship.  It piled up like hay.  In Science, I read about plants.   You can eat certain plants.  I like to eat roots, flowers, and stems.  You can eat potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, lettuce, cabbage, carrots.  I did a Spelling Test.  I practiced writing numbers in Italics.  

G-Grade 7

 I read about the american revolution  and the boston tea party i'm also in lesson 12 in math and i did lesson 12 in grammar with a new concept called adjectives.  Today i read about Napoleon bonaparte and his battles and how he died in history i also did a report on the battle of waterloo. I have also done more pages in lesson 12 of math. I corrected all of my mistakes in grammar. I did a spelling test also.

E-Grade 1

In Math, I added one to every one.  I watched Bill Science Guy.  It is about plants.  He put flies in a venus fly trap.  I practiced writing ahhhh (the letter a).  I read Mr. Brown can Moo with Mom.  Mom read me the Tiny Seed.  It flew away somewhere.  One goes in the desert.  One fall in mountain.  One fall in water.  The flower turned super, super big.  

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First Waldorf Stars

First Waldorf Stars
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Here is a pic of our first stars. They were quite fun. I wasn't sure if E would enjoy making them or not. But, he actually did quite well with the folding. It's always nice to see him sit still and accomplish something beautiful.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter Books

Tracks in the Snow

We love this book!  It's small and perfect for little people.  The illustrations are beautiful and really pull you into the story.