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I am a crunchy Christian mom to four boys and one girl ♥ We are a homeschooling Family. Our family can't stay still for long. We are always on the move. Our homeschool is inspired by The Well Trained Mind, Waldorf, and a bit of Charlotte Mason. Our lives are inspired by The Word of God, Jesus, Miracles, and sunshine when we can find it.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Learning

We really should be learning all year long. We used to when we were more relaxed. Our VA program keeps us a bit on track. But, we miss our natural learning.

::We plan to have fun this summer.
::We plan to not waste away the summer on video games.
::We plan to listen to more good stuff like the The Daily Audio Bible, finish Story of the World Volume 4 on CD, Start Story of the World Volume 1 Ancients...

Today we...
::played crazy eights
::played monopoly
::listened to the Audio Bible
::listened to SOTW 4 CD 10

Friday, June 3, 2011

Planning for 2011-2012 Day 1


The Reason I have been too busy to blog.

I am starting my planning already.  I suggest a little breather.  In my dream world I would venture out to a beautiful cottage by the sea for a three day weekend.  I would take all my curriculum and my favorite cozy clothes.  I would then make gorgeous plans that would instill lasting lifetime memories for my children.

But, I need to be realistic.  We haven't the money for all that.  Goodness we haven't the time.  So, I will work on plans in between nursing sessions, cooking making, visits to the local beach, and lots of outside potty training time for our toddler.

Some places I go for planning inspiration

Rockin Granola share her weekly schedule, plenty of cute pics and always finds ways to include the little people.
Parenting Passageway   helps keep you centered and remains picture less which I find keeps me from coveting their homeschooling. Thus I remember to focus on our own journey!
A Little Garden Flower & Waldorf Essentials is a great place to get affordable waldorf curriculum and listen to wonderful podcasts.
Ancient Hearth has lots of great chalkboard drawings
Wee Waldorf  has lots of crafts
Our Journey 'Round the Mulberry bush  shares pics of Main Lesson Books and Chalkboard drawings.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wrapping up May

So, it is the official end to our school year.  The boys will keep doing a few things through the summer.  The older two really want to catch up in Math.  Since, we have been using Teaching Textbooks that seems like an easy one to plug away at.

Opening a present from MoMo's care package.
This is our oldest aka The Prophet.  This year he turned 14.  He can officially fit into his Dad's pants.  It has been quite warm here.  He grew out of his shorts, so he borrowed a pair from Dad and they fit perfectly.  He learned a lot of Modern History and studied Physics and some Chemistry in Science.  He is finishing up Teaching Textbooks 7 and Language Lessons for the Secondary Child this summer.  He will be reading Collapse and The Left Behind Series.

This is our second child aka The Peacemaker.  He is growing into quite the fine man.  He is really helpful with his little sister, even though she gets on his nerves sometimes.  He loves to cook and he loves animals.  He has stuck to being a Vegetarian and I dare say he will continue it throughout his lifetime.  He studied Modern History this year.  He worked a lot with Science kit and learned about Chemistry.  He will be finishing up Teaching Textbooks 5 and Language Lessons for the Elementary Child this summer.

Our third child aka The Warrior.  He is doing much better this year.  He is on his second set of Bob Books.  He will spend this summer working on reading through the entire set of Bob Books and some handwriting sheets I printed off the internet.  He will start on Teaching Textbooks 3 as soon as it gets here.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Summery School

Man I haven't been around at all.  We are still homeschooling.  We are still adjusting to the needs of a family of 7.  Our youngest is doing much better.  He is still small but he is steadily gaining and nursing well.  The boys are doing a light bit of school through the summer.  Math, Reading, and some light language arts for each.  The boys all  have some work to finish up from this year and some work to get them caught up to "official grade levels". 

G is finishing up Language Lessons for the Secondary Child, Teaching Textbooks 7, and reading The Left Behind Series.
P is finishing up Language Lessons for the Elementary Child, Teaching Textbooks 5, and reading The Warriors Series
E is doing handwriting worksheets and reading Bob Books.  

Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekly Update

I did 4 lessons of math this week.  The first lesson was comparing decimals.  I had to find out if they were bigger, smaller, or equal.  I learned about adding and subtracting decimals.  You have to line up the decimals points with each other or it doesn't work.  I filled in holes in decimals.  You may need to put a zero in to a decimal to line up the problem correctly.  I learned how to multiply with decimals.  You lined them up.  You don't need to line up the decimal points.  
In Science I learned about magnetism.  The North and South poles are magnets.  I, also, learned about electromagnets and magnetal waves around earth.  The solar waves can be deflected or go through the magnetal waves.  I did a quiz about it online.  I did a narration about what I learned, too.
I learned about Nazi Germany and Hitler's rise to power.  I learned about Spain and their civil war after world war II.  I did some notebook pages like a map and a narration for it.
In Language Lessons, I looked at a picture of India and a guy riding on an elephant and I had to answer questions about it.  I did a large story about the man riding on his elephant and his day. I copied a stanza of a poem.  
I did five pages of handwriting and they were mostly about the solar system.  

I learned about linking verbs.
I finished my book.
I made a breath analyzer.  I breathed into it after putting some chemicals into it.  
I learned about multiples, long multiplication, and multiplying numbers with zero.
My friends came over and we played capture the flag.  They are in CVA, too.

The Coyote and the Wolf first start out on a raft.  They ask the turtle to pick up the mud. They made it into a ball.  It got so big it turned into land. Then there was a cave. Animals came out of the cave.  Coyote wished for big food. 
I subtract minus two.
My mom write words with D. Then I copied them on the side of the paper.
I learned about life cycles. People die, people grow, and people are born.  Plants die and leave seeds.  Mammals are animals that feed milk to their babies.  I am a mammal.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Bit of February

Our year is racing by. I still need a new camera. Ours works but my husband keeps running off with it. His phone takes perfectly good pictures, too. I think I have my birthday wish already!

I wish I had pictures to share. It is always the best part of blogging snd reading blogs...catching those glimpses of life and growth.


I did in 5 lessons in Math.  The first lesson I learned how to add and subtract with different denominators in fractions.  I learned how to add and subtract more than two fractions at a time.  I learned about converting a mixed number into a improper fraction.  I learned how to add or subtract with all types of numbers like problems with with mixed numbers and fractions.  I did the chapter 9 quiz.  In Language Lessons, I copied a poem which was five stanzas long.  It was about America.  In History, I did mapwork and my timeline for chapter 20 and 21 which was about World War I, The Russian Revolution, and communism.  I did two pages of Italics.  


Everything has chemical reactions.  Chemical reactions help things be alive, like animals, plants, and humans.  There are four general types of chemical reactions. The first one is combination.  The second kind is decomposition.  The third one is displacement reaction.  It happens when another atoms replaces one.  The fourth is exchange reaction.  I looked at the Usborne Science Encyclopedia section on chemical reactions.  I played a game online at http://www.knowitall.org/hobbyShop/siteAgent.html about chemical reactions.  I made an ingredient that is made for chalk.  I dragged bottles around and poured them into a cup.  They changed colors and made a thick white substance in the bottom of the cup.  I did long subtraction.  Like 29 + 36 + 45 + 89.  We ran the mile outside in PE this week.  We were going to play  soccer but plans changed.  It was a really nice day out.  In the pool, we did this thing where we had to make rafts out of supplies from the pool.  Everybody had to grab onto the raft and push it to the other side.  

I listened to Mom read Aladdin.  Aladdin got his lamp back.  I did math problems that equal ten.  I took the blocks and I needed to make ten out of them.  Like I made an 8 and a 2, 4 and a 6, 5 and 5.  I ran around the track without walking.  We can't walk.  We only can run or jog.  We had an obstacle course.  They put stuff everywhere to make the mind field.  Then somebody is blindfolded and their partner helped them.  They said left, right, forward, backward, or jump stuff.  I got to be blindfolded.  And, we need to have these flat things that you lift up and down.  

Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 19

I learned about buoyancy.  I learned about how if something is floating in water, in order to sink to the bottom it has to weigh more than what it displaces in the water.  I did some puzzlers.  The first one was pretty easy.  It was about how you have to sink a sub in a tub of water.  It weighs one pound, but it displaces two pounds of water.  The second has man in a boat with a rock.  He throws it in the water.  You have to figure out if the water goes,  up, down or stays the same.  It goes down lower because the rock weighs ten pounds.  The last was a helium car. I learned about Prime numbers and how they only have two factors.  So, I have to find if they are prime and their factors.  I, also, learned about least common multiples.  And, how in order to find the least common multiples in two numbers is to multiply the numbers until you find the least common multiple.  For example, with 4 and 6 the least common multiple is 12.  I read my final chapters of the Water Seeker.  It was a really good book.  It was based in the West of the US.  It was 1850's.  It detailed the life of the fictional character Amos Kincaid and how he grew up.  His mom died and his guardian died.  Then his Dad, Jake, married an Indian named Blue Owl.  His Dad lost his leg in the story.  For History I learned about wagon trains and how people met and formed them when they were going West.  In Health, I learned how to deal with stress, diseases, drug abuse and how to find help.  

I did Math.  I learned subtraction world problems.  I did typing this week.  I just played mini-games to help improve my typing speed.  I am still reading the BFG.  They went hunting for dreams.  They caught a really good dream and a really bad dream.  Now they are going to give a bad dream to one of the other giants.  I did science.  We put baking soda and vinegar into a balloon and shook it up.  All the gas from the baking soda and vinegar made the balloon puff up.  We, also, did baking powder and vinegar.  It puffed up a lot more.  It puffed up from the carbon dioxide made for the baking powder and vinegar.  In First Language Lessons, I diagrammed sentences.  

Mom read to me from The Education of Little Tree.  Little Tree's parent's died.  So, he needs to live with his Grandpa and Grandma.  He moved to their house.  It's all the way up on the mountains.  They took the bus.  Then they walked in the dark up the mountains.  When they got at the house the hound dogs met them. The house was a log house with a long porch.  I added doubles like 5 + 5 = 10.  We put baking powder in a yellow ballon.  Then we added vinegar.  The we put baking soda in a orange balloon.  Then we added vinegar.  It puffed up a little bit.  They yellow was the biggest.  They puffed up because the  vinegar turned to gas.  

Friday, January 7, 2011

Week 18

I realize we haven't been putting our weekly reports on here this year.  So, I thought I would share this weeks report.  Maybe I will remember next week.

The Prophet-Grade 8

I learned about how I can use factors to do division problems.  I learned about density and about upthrust. When something pushes into water it comes back at it.  That thing can't float unless it's density is higher or the same as the water.  I finished my introductory paragraph for my Jump-in Writing assignment.  I worked on my cursive handwriting.  I did copywork on paragraphs about animal kingdoms and subgroups.  I answered questions about a picture in my Language Lessons book.  They were questions about what the people were doing.  Then I did a quick story about one of the characters from the picture.  I chose the boy in the picture because he seemed to be the most interesting to me.  I went on a walk.  It made my day start better.  

The Peacemaker-Grade 5
I did my Fizz Wizard and Jammin Jelly reaction kit for Science.  I did a soda pop reaction.  I put magic coloring crystals in water and it turned light purple.  I added baking soda and it bubbled.  I tasted it.  It was ok in the beginning, but the aftertaste was bad.  I, also, did a lemon juice reaction.  I did the same thing as the first experiment, but I added lemon juice.  It fizzed and turned the light purple liquid pink.  It tasted better than the first one.  In Math, I did long addition.  I added 84 + 45 + 60 + 25.  In the BFG, the little girl Sophie was hungry and the only thing she could eat was Snozzcumbers.  I read about the Mexican Revolution.

The Warrior-Grade 2
The first electric kitchen had a dishwasher.  It looked like a trash can with a lid.  People used the icebox refrigerator.  It had a giant block of ice in it.  The ice kept your food cold.  Then they started using the electric refrigerator instead.  I did some addition this week.  We read about Chief Crazy Horse.  They are making a giant mountain.  They are blowing up with dynamite.  Then a design is there.  There is his face.  They put the design of the horse on the side of the mountain.  I did some science.  I took a little plant pot. Then I put it in a plastic bowl.  I put some water in the little round weird looking bowl.  It soaked up the water.  It is clay and it doesn't have any paint on it.  So, it soaked it up because it had little tiny holes in it.

This is the new language program our oldest is using for the rest of the year.