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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wrapping up May

So, it is the official end to our school year.  The boys will keep doing a few things through the summer.  The older two really want to catch up in Math.  Since, we have been using Teaching Textbooks that seems like an easy one to plug away at.

Opening a present from MoMo's care package.
This is our oldest aka The Prophet.  This year he turned 14.  He can officially fit into his Dad's pants.  It has been quite warm here.  He grew out of his shorts, so he borrowed a pair from Dad and they fit perfectly.  He learned a lot of Modern History and studied Physics and some Chemistry in Science.  He is finishing up Teaching Textbooks 7 and Language Lessons for the Secondary Child this summer.  He will be reading Collapse and The Left Behind Series.

This is our second child aka The Peacemaker.  He is growing into quite the fine man.  He is really helpful with his little sister, even though she gets on his nerves sometimes.  He loves to cook and he loves animals.  He has stuck to being a Vegetarian and I dare say he will continue it throughout his lifetime.  He studied Modern History this year.  He worked a lot with Science kit and learned about Chemistry.  He will be finishing up Teaching Textbooks 5 and Language Lessons for the Elementary Child this summer.

Our third child aka The Warrior.  He is doing much better this year.  He is on his second set of Bob Books.  He will spend this summer working on reading through the entire set of Bob Books and some handwriting sheets I printed off the internet.  He will start on Teaching Textbooks 3 as soon as it gets here.

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