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Friday, January 7, 2011

Week 18

I realize we haven't been putting our weekly reports on here this year.  So, I thought I would share this weeks report.  Maybe I will remember next week.

The Prophet-Grade 8

I learned about how I can use factors to do division problems.  I learned about density and about upthrust. When something pushes into water it comes back at it.  That thing can't float unless it's density is higher or the same as the water.  I finished my introductory paragraph for my Jump-in Writing assignment.  I worked on my cursive handwriting.  I did copywork on paragraphs about animal kingdoms and subgroups.  I answered questions about a picture in my Language Lessons book.  They were questions about what the people were doing.  Then I did a quick story about one of the characters from the picture.  I chose the boy in the picture because he seemed to be the most interesting to me.  I went on a walk.  It made my day start better.  

The Peacemaker-Grade 5
I did my Fizz Wizard and Jammin Jelly reaction kit for Science.  I did a soda pop reaction.  I put magic coloring crystals in water and it turned light purple.  I added baking soda and it bubbled.  I tasted it.  It was ok in the beginning, but the aftertaste was bad.  I, also, did a lemon juice reaction.  I did the same thing as the first experiment, but I added lemon juice.  It fizzed and turned the light purple liquid pink.  It tasted better than the first one.  In Math, I did long addition.  I added 84 + 45 + 60 + 25.  In the BFG, the little girl Sophie was hungry and the only thing she could eat was Snozzcumbers.  I read about the Mexican Revolution.

The Warrior-Grade 2
The first electric kitchen had a dishwasher.  It looked like a trash can with a lid.  People used the icebox refrigerator.  It had a giant block of ice in it.  The ice kept your food cold.  Then they started using the electric refrigerator instead.  I did some addition this week.  We read about Chief Crazy Horse.  They are making a giant mountain.  They are blowing up with dynamite.  Then a design is there.  There is his face.  They put the design of the horse on the side of the mountain.  I did some science.  I took a little plant pot. Then I put it in a plastic bowl.  I put some water in the little round weird looking bowl.  It soaked up the water.  It is clay and it doesn't have any paint on it.  So, it soaked it up because it had little tiny holes in it.

This is the new language program our oldest is using for the rest of the year.

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