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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Spelling Power

Spelling Power, Fourth Edition

I just wrote this up on a message board I visit often.  So, I thought I could share here as well.  I use Spelling Power with my older two.  I personally won't do spelling with a child that isn't reading chapter books regularly and write really well. I have boys and I think they may be a bit different than girls in that area.  It has different levels.  You start with the A level.  Each small test will tests under one of those spelling "rules".  When you get to B you start over again.  I'm not fancy about it. My kids get a spiral notebook.  They do one test per page. They do one list at a time at their level.  I write the rule at the top of the page. Then they correct any missed words in their own handwriting.  They used to copy it three times. But, they are doing well enough that I don't require that anymore.  I like that I won't have to purchase another spelling book every again.  I just buy a new notebook when this one fills up.  

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