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Friday, March 23, 2007

She is coming tonight

The realtor is coming with papers to sign.
Last night my dh started to grieve.

The loss of his own personal
hot tub

But, then he started to talk to the boys.

We have things we need to give up.
But, in exchange we gain opportunities
that far outweigh the life we have here.

We aren't happy here at all.
We have been trying to fix it.

All those fixes have failed and they are eating away
at our foundations.

So, tonight we move on. We start this journey.
We will sell our home.
We will sell our couches,
the kitchen table,
the big roll top desk,
the beds,
the bookshelves,
the pantry storage...


  1. Are you moving to on-campus housing? Please elaborate!! I miss you!

  2. Well, right next to campus housing. We are so excited. I was going to call you while I had some down time and I got distracted. I can't remember by what though....

    I miss you, too.

  3. It's scary letting go. . . Even when you know that it means gaining something new. Praying for you today. . .

  4. we sold a lot of stuff. and then we moved here and i think i've only been sorry about selling the king sized bed, even though i wanted to buy another one, anyway, so . . .

    we also found that we brought more stuff than we should have -- i've got TONS of stuff we're selling at a yard sale in may. i'm excited about that. it feels really terrific to get rid of stuff.

    it's hard to start, tho. ::hug::