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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In A Spacious Place: How to Classically Unschool -- I Wish :)

In A Spacious Place: How to Classically Unschool -- I Wish :)

I know I haven't been posting here at all. But, this handy blogger feature is enticing.

I'm getting fed up with trying to pick sides. I don't want to be a radical unschooler. I don't want to be a sadistic Psycho Classical Mother cramming knowledge down my childrens throats. I'm sure both sides would let me know that I'm missing something.

I've been at this long enough to see how things balance out with each of my children. They ask for some guidance and we teeter totter till we find it.

Praise God...there are others out there. Others trying to find that perfect spot.

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  1. We teeter totter too - I don't believe it has to an either or thing, when it comes to being interested in both classical education and unschooling...