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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Plastic shampoo

I really have been looking more at the plastic we use.

Shampoo does come in plastic bottles. It's just one of those things you know.

I guess you could buy a big bulk container of shampoo. I have to use more expensive shampoos because my scalp (heck all of my skin) is really sensitive. I'm on vacation and the store here has big plastic containers of shampoo and you just pump what you want into a small reuseable bottle. But, I bet your local store or a salon store could get you those large bottles. The fill your own is cool though isn't it?

I know I use way less shampoo and NO conditioner since I cut all my hair off, but I realize a lot of women are not comfortable with that.

I did buy applesauce in a glass container instead of plastic this week. I would say it's probably more enviromentally friendly to just buy the apples. Speaking of which I hate those dumb little stickers they put on the apples, but I'm not so sure I like the tattoothing they are coming up with now.


  1. I know, it really bugs me that SO many things can't be bought except for in dinky plastic containers. Sure, I recycle, but. . . At least with glass I reuse my jars a bunch. (Until Hubby says we've collected too much, and then they go out with the recycling.)

    I'm not organized enough to do it, but I would like to bring my own containers to the bulk store. . .

  2. I love my Beagle and I want him to be as comfortable as possible at all times. This means more than just feeding him and petting him, or allowing him to have his own log cabin dog house from Petco. It means that he must feel comfortably clean, with no ticks, no fleas, no odors to deal with. He is a beagle with a good nose, and he knows if he doesn’t smell nicely! He sleeps in the house at night, and has free reign of the home when any of us are home.
    I use Sergeant’s Skip-Flea and Tick shampoo with oatmeal for dogs and puppies. Just one bath, and you should allow your pet up to 10 days of being tick and flea free! The coat on my Beagle is shiny and beautiful. The conditioning agents in this shampoo really take care of that. This, also, deodorizes, as it cleans away the ticks and fleas.
    It is important to pay attention to the fact that something is strong enough to kill off the varmints you don’t want on your critter, and, yet, be comfortable ON your pet. You want your pet’s beauty to gleam.
    This shampoo works for large, medium and small dogs and puppies. It should be stored at room temperature, and kept far away from children’s curiosity. Children should never have the slightest chance to get to anything such as this.
    Try this and your loving companion will thank you. The only problem we have is keeping the beagle OUT of the bathtub! He loves baths!