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Monday, June 16, 2008

Charlotte Mason & Sunshine

Today Washington State is sunny and warm.

I've convinced an 11 year old man to sit outside to play his Nintendo DS.

The other two are playing with cars, robots and spaceships.

I found a shady to spot to read .

A friend once made the comment that Charlotte Mason is where Unschooling and the Classical Method meet. Her comment continues to sit and swim around in my brain. I read bits and pieces of Ms. Mason's works a few years back. Back before I found out I was accepted to the big University. The one that took up all my reading time. Ironically the English Major that snatched away my love of reading.

This quote backs up that position or so I would like to think...
It is important to understand the difference between a system and a method, because parents all too often become enamored of a system that promises development in one area--but which misses the overall growth of the entire person. A system is easier because you just follow the prescribed steps, like a recipe. But a method requires constant watchfulness over the whole being of the child, it demands more of the teacher. Who is qualified for such a mammoth task? Even the most loving, committed parent isn't physically able to be on the alert to make the most of every educable moment 24 hours a day.

But education may not require a 24-hour effort; the child is learning all the time and a few basic principles put into effect will cover the whole of the child's education. (highlighting from Heather)

quoted from Charlotte Mason in Modern English by Leslie

And, I think that's just it. If you are filling their minds with good information, mind challenging stuff then you won't have to make up discussions and force quizzes and workbook pages. Things will start to stick.

Perhaps I'm done planning and worrying for the upcoming year. I think I'll spend my summer reading CM in Modern English instead.

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