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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Learning Logs

I'm inspired by this article about Learning Logs from Home Ed Magazine.

This year I had to keep track of what we learn. I had to submit a plan to our "teacher" and then keep track of what we learned. Somehow I had to do all this. I wasn't really give any guidance. I think they want the homeschoolers to have freedom or not overstep our boundaries. I think I am just not that likely to share. The program, nor I am really at fault. Just a bad mesh somewhere.

I used a small notebook for this purpose that has a space for the date at the top. Plus, a separate notebook to keep track of the other stuff we did like workbook pages and reading logs that never, ever got filled in. I felt like a disaster at every meeting. I couldn't "prove" all this stuff we had been doing. If we are still here this upcoming school year (yes...we are pondering another move) then or than (I'm having a hard time with that) we are going to have to come up with something for at least the two youngest who want to be their "full-time". Full-time does not mean all day long...it just means more than 3 classes a week...or maybe it's two I can't remember.

This year I think I would like to have them do more of the work. Not totally sure though. More of a scrapbook of sorts. I just don't want all that girlie crap (I'm a tomboy surrounded by testosterone).

Perhaps blank artist journals? But, does that mean they each need one? That is overwhelming. This past year I used a very small lined notebook and I liked how portable it was. Sometimes I typed in a journal which is lost on my dead iBook (boo hoo, boo hoo, boo hoo). Could I type things out and cut & paste those? Would my children type things out & I end up cutting & pasting those?

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