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Friday, September 19, 2008

Updates, realizations, and a great new history reading list,

As for Updates, learning is still going well. I'm noticing some things about the boys. So, updates are really mostly for me. One of these days I'll actually share some work the boys have accomplished.

Realization #1...on Reading

My two older boys both had stints in public school, for one reason or another. They both came home in the middle of first grade. Their teachers said they could read. But alas, they could not. They could memorize and guess really well however. Miraculously they both have picked up reading around 8 years of age. The Peacemaker can now finish a Dr. Suess off in one sitting!

Realization #2...on soaking in

I think I'll coin the term soaking in, unless someone else has already. The Peacemaker tell me repeatedly that he doesn't want to read History or Science today. We don't read very textbooky books very often. The Warrior likes to do these as read alouds so he can discuss with me. I've tried leaving The Peacemaker out of these discussions but he gets bored, frustrated and melancholy. Not sure what's going on there. But, I think he has to do with soaking it in. The years between say 6-9 really should be titled the soaking in years. The time at which children don't really want to learn, don't really like to or can understand those deep thoughts. Yet, they can play lego's, playdough and color pictures while other people converse. Most of them can sit still for a bit which is useful. I don't know what he will remember. But, I'm surprised what my oldest remembers even though I thought he wasn't listening.

History Reads
If you are looking for some high quality History Reads, here you go! Penny Gardner has an excellent list of Charlotte Mason friendly living books.

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