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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I made a .... gasp...... gulp.....LESSON PLAN

I fight the whole lesson plan thing. This year I got some more workbook type curriculum. I'm trying to do the next thing. But, here I am at the official week 2 of our school year. I'm ending my day at midnight. But, our school day. Well, it was pretty productive. But, it seemed so haphazard. I NEED time to enjoy my baby girl. I feel like I waste a ton of time trying to remember that next thing I need to do. The kids are running around and asking what next, what next, what next...oh wait I'm hungry. Then the baby is hungry. Then a diaper change. Then a chore. It's causing me some anxiety.

So, I did it.

*disclaimer: I don't take credit for the clipart. I got it off the internet. Names shortened to initial to protect the innocent. I'm more creative than that.

Week 2

7 September-11 September







Read SOTW Chapter 2

Type a Narration with a picture

Insert card on timeline


Notebook pages

Read Encyclopedia section

Outline Encyclopedia section

Read Aloud: The New Americans

Read SOTW Chapter 2

Oral Narration to Mom.

Insert card on timeline


Notebook pages

Read Aloud: The New Americans

Listen to SOTW Ch. 2

Notebook page


Read Aloud: The New Americans


Read Chapter 2

Do Experiment 2

Finish Experiment 1

Start reading Chapter 2

Put Classification cards in order

Listen to Chapter 2

Insect Dominoes

Library Basket

Notebook pages


The Dark Frigate

Library Books

Keep track of Reading List

Magic Treehouse

Library Books

Keep Track of Reading List

Little House in the Big Woods

Progressive Phonics


Writing Strands 3: Lesson 2

Italics D M T W T F

Spelling M T W T F

First Language Lessons 3

* Lesson 5

* Lesson 6

* Lesson 7

Italics M T W T F

Spelling M T W T F

PP Worksheets



Lesson 3

Lesson 4


Lesson 2

Lesson 3


Lesson 3

Lesson 4


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