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Friday, September 25, 2009

Week 4

We belong to a VA, so my boys shoot of an email once a week to their teacher.   So, here they are in their own words.  It's actually quite fun =) We are studying SOTW Vol. 3 for History this year.  They are on chapter 4. 


I make boats.  not wood boats.  I  made it with paper, tape, milk carton, and pencils.  (In the Little House in the Big Woods) they went to a city.  (Math started lesson 6) learned about circles.  (In Progressive Phonics) Bab can't see.  Her bad dog.  Her said bad, bad, dog.  Her put a bow on her top of her head. 

Porter (typed by mom this week)

Henry Hudson wanted to find the Northwest Passage.  His crew did mutiny.  They put him on a little boat with a little bit of crewmates.  The people that did mutiny sailed back with the big ship.  I did lesson 4 in Math.  I did a spelling test.  I build a ship.  I made it with milk cartons and coffee carton.  I haven't made my flag yet.

i made boats and did these lessons
1 spelling test
3 math sheets
learned about henry hudson and the northwest passage in history

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