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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Week 5

We read the book Corn is Maize.  Then we found some things around our house that contained corn.

Gibran Week 5 Report
This week in math i learned how to use overlays to solve fraction problems.
and in history we learned about the mayflower compact and the pilgrims and we did our timelines.
in grammar i did 2 worksheets.
in spelling i did 2 spelling tests.
in science we learned about corn and the different types of corn.

The older two, starting their timelines.

Porter's Week 5 Report (typed by mom again this week)
Did my Math early.  I finished it all by Sunday.  Mostly multiplying by 3.
(In First Language Lessons) Trying to memorize The Land of Nod poem.  I'm, also, doing diagramming.
(In Science) I'm doing this tree thing.  The first page, how you can tell how old is a tree.  Counting the rings inside.  We read a book about maize. The real name of corn is maize.
I drew the Mayflower.  We did our own Mayflower Compact.  Squanto showed how to grow corn.  You fertilize the ground, and put a seed in there.  They put a fish before they put the maize seed.  Then the fish the rotted.  
We slept in the tent last night, Gibran and me.  

Escher Week 5 Report (typed by Mom)
Squanto was a person, an Indian. I learned about people names.  I learned about branches and leaves.  Putting fish in ground and bean then squash then it turn in corn.  We found chips and popcorn and babypowder and soup. Me write my name. 

Here is the link to the coloring page. I sure wish I could get him to draw more for History. He draws a lot otherwise. But, I hate coloring pages.

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