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Monday, October 5, 2009

week 6 Monday

I'm really enjoying the planning pages I've been making.  They work wonderful.  We have quite a bit of flexibility with them.  And, I've been allowing myself to not do every single thing.  I'm sharing this weeks plan.  First day and it's already a mess.  But, I don't feel bad. They are all such useful notes.  When this week is over, I use it to plan next week. Then file it my Mommy Notebook. 

We have been enjoying reading The Sign of the Beaver. It gives us chances to talk about the time period, stereotyping of Native Peoples, and could my boys be that brave. It's been the first thing we do for the last week and a half.  It's been quite awhile that we have all be so interested in the same read aloud.

E and I are awaiting Farmer Boy. I wasn't sure I would enjoy reading these book to the boys.  I really enjoy them as a child, so I think I remembered them being more girly than they are. Actually, so far they have been perfect for the boys.  I wish I had read them to the older, two.

Today we started an introduction to slavery. We read the first section of Chapter 7 in The Story of the World:Volume 3.   I plan on doing some part of Hands of A Child Slavery Lapbook.   But, we will just do it on paper and put it in our notebooks.

They all finished some handwriting and Math.  P did a lesson in FLL 3 and we worked on his poem he is memorizing.  E worked in his tree workbook a bit.

I wished we had gotten a bit more done today.  But, I was so busy this weekend I didn't do any planning.  I am finding it works better if I do the planning and ripping and printing on the weekend. 

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