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I am a crunchy Christian mom to four boys and one girl ♥ We are a homeschooling Family. Our family can't stay still for long. We are always on the move. Our homeschool is inspired by The Well Trained Mind, Waldorf, and a bit of Charlotte Mason. Our lives are inspired by The Word of God, Jesus, Miracles, and sunshine when we can find it.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Week 7

I looked at camel hair, fruit fly, and shrimp eggs.  Porter made slides.  I looked at orange juice, pond water, spit, and baby slobber.  Farmer Boy had a birthday. Him got a yoke for his cow.  Him got a sled and him play on it.  I write acorn and seeds. I write my name.  I count triangles.  I write numbers. 

I did 5 pages of handwriting. I am in lesson 7 in math. I am in chapter 8 in story of the world. We read Amistad Rising. Escher and I went down to the lake with droppers.  We got some water.  Put it in the yoghurt cup.  Put it in the slides and found living organisms. 

I did 4 pages of handwriting.
1 page of math.
chapters 6,7,8 of story of the world.
2 lessons of grammar.
2 lessons of spelling.
I read 3 chapters of harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban.

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