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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Week 8


I'm working on math lesson 6.
I did 3 pages of italics.
I did a quiz in Winston grammar.
We all did parts of our history timeline.
We all worked on chapter 15 where we read about how Metacom waged war on the English colonies.

I'm on lesson 8 in math.
I did 5 pages in italic.    
I did two stanzas of The Land of Nod poem.
We read Chapter 15 in Story of the World.  We read about the Huron.  I drew a Huron Mask.  The French gave smallpox to the Huron's.
I'm on chapter two in Science.  I'm learning about cells.

Escher  (Mom is writing this for him.  He has had a rough week.)
He worked on book 1.7 in Progressive Phonics.  He read the words did, big, bad, dad, dod, bob, dog. 
He is on Lesson 9 in Math.  He learned about place value of tens and ones. 

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