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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Peacemaker Grade 4

He is doing quite well this year. He needs to work on his confidence a bit. He is finally reading chapter books and I think that will help a lot with his upcoming work. I really need him to be more independent.

He will be working through Story of the World 3 (1600-1850). He will do written narrations, mapwork, and notebook pages for each chapter.

He will keep track of important dates and people in his Book of Centuries.

Supplemental library materials (i.e. books and DVDs) will be available. He will keep track of these in our family journal, Goodreads, or Bookadventure.org.

Suggested memory work for the period are Declaration of Independence, First 12 Presidents of the United States, and Major Wars for the time period.

Lots of reading from the library. I promised Hands on activities to him this year. So, I did get the SOTW activity guide.

Real Science-4-kids Biology

Language Arts

I like the methods outlined in The Well Trained Mind, but they seem to work at a slower Charlotte Mason approach with my boys. I'm using the the scope and sequence at Ambleside Online for most of our Language Arts planning. As budget permits, I will add in suggestions from The Well Trained Mind, although at lower grade levels.

He will continue with Italics Handwriting. I would like to see him to start some cursive this year. I'm waiting on purchasing writing curriculum or making further plans. I want to see hwo much work First Language Lessons 3 is for him first. I will keep a collection of good literature, as well as History books on the current topics we are covering. He has just started The Magic Treehouse Series. He will probably have some type of memory work for each month. Poetry or speeches from the time period are suggested in TWTM. He will do a short period of oral reading for a parent. We need to keep up with him and make sure he is doing well. We are going to start using Spelling Power this year, as well.

Math U See Gamma

Optional Resources
Field Trips
Critical thinking press Mind Benders: Warm Ups A1, A2, A3, A4
Typing Program

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