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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Prophet Grade 7

I cannot believe he is going to be in Grade 7 this year. He has been doing so well this year. I'm very proud of the changes he has made. We are trying to follow The Well Trained Mind approach. But, he hasn't quite made it to Logic stage in many areas. Alas, Susan Wise Bauer does talk about this which is a confirmation of how I have felt all along. Some children won't make it past logic stage. But, they will still get an excellent education. I believe they can still be ready for college if they desire that path. There is nothing wrong with starting college and having to do Pre-Algebra or Algebra. Sure it's nice to skip ahead or not have to even take Math classes. Oh, wait I'm getting ahead of myself. Grade 7 it is.


He will be working through Story of the World 3 (1600-1850). He will do written narrations, mapwork, and notebook pages for each chapter.

He may do outlining of some topics from Usborne Encyclopedia.

He will keep track of important dates and people in his Timeline.

Supplemental library materials (i.e. books and DVDs) will be available. He will keep track of books read through our family journal, Goodreads, and/or Bookadventure.org.

Real Science 4 Kids Biology 1

Language Arts
I like the methods outlined in The Well Trained Mind, but they seem to work at a slower Charlotte Mason approach with my boys. I'm using the the scope and sequence at Ambleside Online for most of our Language Arts planning. As budget permits, I will add in suggestions from The Well Trained Mind, although at lower grade levels.
We are going to try Writing Strands 3, again. I've whittled down and re-worded the assignments. He should be able to start Writing Strands 4 by October.
He will read from a reading list, as well as books of his own choosing. I've gathered up books from various sources online. I'll have a few shelves set up from those sources, as well as suggestions from The Story of the World Activity Guide.
Grammar Winston Grammar
Spelling Spelling Power
Math Math U See Epsilon & Zeta

Optional Resources

Field Trips
Critical thinking press Mind Benders: Warm Ups A1, A2, A3, A4
Typing Program

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