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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Week 32

I did some reading.  I read cat and rat.  
I take a really long tube.  A tube you can see through and it's kind of skinny and it bends.  I take the ends and put funnels on.  Then one person whispers in it and the other puts it over their ear.  It makes them loud.  
I make sculptures out of beeswax and soap.
SunFeather Washy Squashy Rainbow Pack of Soaps

I read James and the Giant Peach.  James' parents died and then he went to his Aunts.  In PE, we played Dodge Disc.  It was a really fun game. It's like Dodge Ball but with soft frisbees.  I molded modeling soap together today.  It smells good.  It was fun to sculpt.  We watched a movie about Sacajawea and Lewis and Clark.  They went on their journey to discover more land.  They needed to go across to the Pacific Ocean.
James and the Giant Peach

In math i finished lesson 23.
In history i read about lewis and clark in chapter 32 of story of the world and i did a map of it for a notebook page.
In writing i did some prepositions and some pages of jump in.
In reading i read about 5 chapters of oliver twist.
At the YMCA i played dodge disc it was pretty fun.
Story of the World Volume 4 SET Modern Age - Book and Activity Book

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  1. Dodge Disc sounds like something my boys would like! Sounds like you had a great week! We liked the story of James here too!