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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Week 31

We got some paintbrushes and some paint and some jars for paint.  We put paint in jars and put water in there and then we put lid on all ways and shake it back and forth.  I make a dot, car, and waves.  I paint a cactus.  And a sun thing.  
I took a slinky and pulled it back.  I take five pieces of it.  I pulled it back and let go.  It bounced to the other person and back to me.  I take the tuning fork.  Then mom take shoe and hit the tuning fork on shoe.  Then mom put it in water and it make weird waves that go in every direction.
Muffin Match has letters on it.  Then I need to match the right letters.  Little a and big A.  Little o and big O.

I read Fantastic Mr. Fox.  He is a fox, of course.  He steals chicken and geese and apple cider.  He eats them with his family.  In Math, I'm multiplying and regrouping.  I tried a Teaching Textbooks sample. I liked it.  I want to change to that next year.  In Pe, we payed ultimate frisbee outside.  It was fun.  I'm studying prepositions.  Its hard to pronounce prepositions.  I'm memorizing aboard, about, above, and across.  

In writing I did my new writing book jump in and finished the introduction i really like the book its easy and I learn alot of things about writing.
In reading fantastic mr fox and im reading oliver twist I really liked fantastic mr fox and im really into oliver twist I got to the sixth chapter.
In math I started a new lesson about reciprocols.
In handwriting I did 2 pages.
At the ymca we played ultimate frisbee but I didn't like it to much.

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