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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Peacemaker Grade 4 Week 28

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In P.E., we played hockey outside.
Our caterpillars turned in to chrysalis. We got the caterpillars in a container. They ate this orangey brown stuff that was in the bottom of the container. Then they crawled to the top of the container. Then they hung upside down. Then they made chrysalis and their heads popped off. And then, red stuff oozed from the bottom of the chrysalis.
We dissected our owl pellets. Mine had a mole or a rat in it. I think it had two animals in it. Mine was the biggest. It smelled disgusting.


  1. I like the idea of having the kids write the report! Looks like owl pellets were a highlight! I think I'd agree with your 7th grader! Does your youngest wear his hat a lot? My 9 y/o has a habit of wearing his winter hat ALL the time! Made me think of that seeing the photo of your youngest! :-)

  2. Our youngest boy is always wearing some outfit. He is especially fond of hats though. It was actually quite warm that day.

  3. Owl pellets were a highlight for us a few weeks ago. They are definitely memorable.