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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Prepositions, Waldorf Chalkboard

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Here is the chalkboard we purchase from Paper, Scissors, Stone. I'm not sure how prepositions are introduced in the typical Waldorf school. But, this is how we are doing it in our school. It just so happens that both older boys are hitting prepositions at the same time in their curriculum. One is using Winston Grammar and the other is using First Language Lessons 3. We are doing just a few at a time until we learn them all. I'm not all that talented, so I'll do my best with the fancy chalkboard.

The chalkboard is nice. It's a good size and lightweight. I took this picture with a flash and I can really see the lines where we erased on it. I did have the boys go over with a piece of chalk first to prime it. But, maybe we should have went over it again.

I used the Mercurius chalk from Paper, Scissors, Stone. It's amazing and soft and vibrant.

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  1. Very nice chalkboard. I hate to touch chalk so I never ventured into Waldorf chalk presentations but they can be beautiful.