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Friday, April 9, 2010

Week 27

This is week 27 for us.  Doing this weekly reports was a bit painful at the beginning of the year.  It's sometimes still painful for the youngest boy.  But, our oldest-The Prophet-pointed out that we had done a lot this year and it was nice to see how far we had come this year.

The Prophet-Grade 7
In history I outlined pages 340-341 which was about the factory workers of the industrial revolution and pages 350-351 which was about how the U.S.A. expanded In the 1800s and the pages were in the usborne internet linked encyclopedia of world history, I also colored the haiti flag, read chapter 30 which was about the haiti revolution and did map work in story of the world.

In math I did lesson 19 which was reducing mixed numbers.

In Italics I did pages 49,50,51.

In spelling I did spelling tests 32 and 35.

In science we read about the comparison between blood In living beings and sap in trees and plants In a book (I forgot its name) and I did picture of the comparison.

The Peacemaker-Grade 4
In Story of the World, I colored the Haitian Flag.  The African slaves rebelled.  The Africans called it Haiti.  
In Math, I did lessons 21 and 22.  
The owl babies are big and fluffy.  There is one more egg left.   
We got Painted Lady Butterfly larvae.  They are already growing.  They are making some silky stuff.  
I am on chapter four of Superfudge.  Fudge is Peter's little annoying brother.  

The Warrior-Grade 1
We learned about our eyes.  They can't move in different directions.  They can't move this way and that way.  Our pupil is dark and it turns bigger so you can see better in the dark.  Then it's in the sun.  It turns small.  
I added tens.  It's hard!
We got caterpillars.  They will turn into cocoons and then turn into butterflies.  
Senses (Kingfisher Young Knowledge)


  1. This is really cool. It looks like a terrific week, and I love that you had the kids write their own summaries. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a great idea to have your children write the summary of the week. We might have to try this next year.