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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Form Drawing


I've been interested in form drawing for awhile.  I have been hesitant because I felt like there was some secret knowledge.  I'm just starting with my Grade 1 son. We are doing forms as they introduced in A Journey through Waldorf Homeschooling Grade 1. I think it will be some good practice.  He has already been doing some basic letter writing.  So, he played with some of the ones we did.  But, honestly I will not stop because I can't do it "right".  We enjoyed the process and I think that is what matters to us.

Here is a slideshow from Millennialchild.
Curriculum and more information from Barbara Dewey and Christopherus.
Some lovely examples at Nature Nest.
A Youtube video from A Little Garden Flower. And, the DVD set.
A form drawing lesson on a chalkboard at Flickr.  (Check out the entire set of chalkboard drawings.  They are gorgeous and I'm not quite there yet=))


  1. I visit your site from time to time and it's been a while, so maybe you explained this already. What is Waldorf? A set of texts? A method? Also, why does your latest entry say Feb. 21, 2010? That is this coming Sunday... just wondering. Thanks! Krystal in VA

  2. I fixed the date. Technology is always perfect now is it.

    Waldorf is a method of education originating in Germany. I've talked about it a bit in past posts and have some links in my sidebar.