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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Teaching the Alphabet Waldorf Inspired


So, I've read about Waldorf for many years.  I wanted to try Oak Meadow with my oldest in Grade 1.  That is actually in one of my first posts way back when.  But, I never did.

So without regrets and perfectionism we are will work through the alphabet equipped with stories from A Journey through Waldorf Homeschooling Grade 1, crayons, paper, and our imaginations.  He has already a half a years practice with letter, writing, and some reading instruction.  So, what you will see here isn't typical or wonderfully artistic.  But, it's inspired...and remember it's our journey.

Here are some more resources I dug up about Waldorf Inspired Alphabet learning and teaching.  If you have anything to share let me know and I'll add it.

Here is Elisabeth working on her main lesson book.
Artemis Moon shares how to make your own Waldorf inspired wall cards.
Road to Joy shares how she made the Alphabet hers.
Sara @ Teaching from the heart.

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