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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Humble Leaders

(Here is the Peacemaker in all his glory.  He doesn't want to do this craft because he was certain his Elmer's glue was made from animals.  He was interested again once we found out it wasn't.)

P (otherwise known as the Peacemaker) is an introspective little fellow. He is passionate. He has chosen to be a Vegetarian.  He let go of eggs and I imagine cheese is close behind.  He is gentle and up till the last year, has always had a smile.  Lately though (and I imagine because of his birthday change at the beginning of January) he has taken an interest in leaders and changers and shakers.  He has started to ask questions about WHY people do things.  It's that path towards manhood, I think.

We have been learning about the beginnings of our nation, The United States of America.  Plan as you might, you can never plan a good discussion.  You can never plan A Great Conversation.  That is what makes it so Great.  We read about George Washington in Story of the World Volume 3.  We read about the different labels others felt they should address a President by.  We read about his reluctance to be President.  And, I just enjoyed this conversation.  I tried to remember to hold my tongue.  I tried to remember to not get into those big adult conversations about politics and how things "really" went down.  Because you see, it wasn't about politics.  The conversation was about being humble.  It came down to one thought, one thought from a 10 year old boy.

How different would the US be if we hadn't had a humble first leader?  

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